If you are selling your property, you have two options. You can sell your property with a Pool Safety Certificate or you can sell your property without a Pool Safety Certificate.

If you sell your property with a Pool Safety Certificate, a copy of the certificate must be given to the buyer prior to settlement.

If you sell your property without a pool safety certificate the buyer must be given, prior to entering into a contract of sale, a Form 36 – Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate. This must also be sent to the Pool Safety Council prior to settlement. It will then be the responsibility of the buyer to get a Pool Safety Certificate in place within 90 days of settlement.

We recommend that you obtain a Pool Safety Certificate so that the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing and that it complies with the pool safety regulations. This will avoid any complications during negotiations or at settlement.

For properties being sold by auction, if a valid Pool Safety Certificate is in effect, the seller must give the certificate to the buyer before settlement. Otherwise, the owner or their agent e.g. auctioneer, real estate agent etc, must ensure a Form 36 is given to all prospective buyer/s e.g. registered bidders, before entering into a contract of sale.

A Pool Safety Certificate is effective for 2 years for a non-shared pool.