Pre-Inspection Checklist – Pool Safety

We have two pool fence safety pre-inspection Brisbane checklists. One for if your pool or spa is an in-ground pool and one if your pool or spa is an above ground pool. The difference being that if it is an above ground pool or spa, if the sides of the pool are at least 1200mm high and there are no footholds, the pool can be the barrier as long as there is a gated access area.

If your pool is an indoor pool please feel free to contact us regarding the requirements. We don’t currently have a pre-inspection checklist for indoor pools but are happy to assist in providing all the information needed.

We find that pool owners that go through the pre-inspection checklist are more likely to pass on the first occasion. We can often tell that you have made the effort when we arrive and we appreciate your commitment to making your pool safe. In these cases we always do what we can to make the pool pass on the first inspection, without compromising on safety of course.

In-ground checklist      Above ground checklist