Handyman Services – Pool compliancy assistance

We understand that you do not want to spend a fortune on your pool fencing Brisbane

Often you are selling or are on a budget. We understand that and for that reason if your pool fails we will not give you an excessive quote just to make us profitable. We will discuss the options and endeavour to fit within your budget.

Most issues have simple solutions, some more aesthetically pleasing than others and we will discuss those options as well.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs without compromising on pool safety.  To give you an example we have previously quoted on a non-compliant pool that had a number of other quotes in. The others, perhaps because they were fencers rather than inspectors’ that do repairs, quoted only on replacing the fence. We quoted on lowering the panels so the gaps under the fence were less than 100mm while still maintaining the correct height. This saved the client thousands of dollars.

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The advantages of using The Big Tick for your Pool Inspections Brisbane

We know the pool safety regulations inside and out, so if you want to get your pool to a compliant stage we can assist. Our rates are very reasonable, we turn up on the requested day at the requested time and have been known to work in conditions that most people would have buckled under in order to complete the job.

Because pool safety is our business, we know a lot of cost effective ways to make your pool barrier compliant.

Obligation Free Quote

We are happy to provide an obligation free quote for any work within the scope of our abilities and only for work up to $3,300.

Our rates start from $66.00 including GST.

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